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Press Release (June 26, 2016)

Ramona West End Fire Safe Council Dead and Dying Hazardous Tree Program

The Ramona West End Fire Safe Council has been awarded a grant to remove dead and dying trees in the Ramona Community Planning Area within 100 feet of a home and/or 30 feet of an access road.

This grant is available to assist homeowners to be in compliance with State and Local Fire Codes (PRC 4291 and County of San Diego Ordinance No. 10147):

Property owners will be expected to contribute 20 percent for the tree removal, up to $200 per tree.  Funding will cover a limited number of trees, so all requests may not be fulfilled. Any applications not fulfilled will be retained to provide justification for requesting future funding.

Trees will be treated according to best management practices.

To apply, please complete the application:

For more information please contact Kristi Mansolf at

Update September 19, 2016

The Ramona West End Fire Safe Council has completed the grant application process.  Any further applications will be considered when more funding becomes available.


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